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Coconut, king of fruits?

24 Sep 2021

At Cocos Organic we are obsessed with everything coconut, and we think you should be too. Our natural coconut yoghurt contains 98% pure organic coconut milk, sourced from South Asia. Grown in glorious sunshine without the use of preservatives and pesticides before being cultivated using traditional island techniques (no monkey business). The coconut flesh is grated, pressed and strained to produce a rich, velvety and creamy coconut milk that is free from thinners, preservatives and refined sugar. For years, coconuts have been demonised for their high saturated fat and calorie content…but we are passionate about putting these myths to rest and spreading the beautiful health benefits of these tropical furry fruits.

Unlike other fruits that are mainly carbs, coconuts provide mostly fats. Much of this fat content is made up of MCTs that are metabolised much differently than other types of fat and are used as energy by the body. And while fats are thought to negatively impact heart health, studies show that coconut has a neutral effect on cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of heart disease

Low fat products that have often been marketed as health products often contain refined sugar or artificial sweeteners and leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry again in a short space of time. However, at Cocos Organic our products have the opposite effect. Naturally energy dense and full of healthy fats, our natural coconut yoghurt alternative is naturally thick, creamy and free from dairy, refined sugars or sweeteners. With slow releasing energy for a nutritious choice for those wanting to cut dairy out of their diet. Our coconut products work in sweet and savoury recipes and can be used at any time of day.

So, discover the amazing benefits of coconut with Cocos Organic gut-loving yoghurt alternatives and kefir drinks today.