Cocos Organic is going topless! - Cocos Organic

Cocos Organic is going topless!

16 Aug 2023

At Cocos Organic we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment. While our plastic pots are currently widely recyclable, we’ve gone one step further… In our aim to reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging, we’re decided to remove the plastic lids from our 400g pots of our gut-loving, organic, coconut milk yoghurt alternatives. This will allow us to reduce our plastic by 1.8 tonnes per year! From next week you will begin to see our new lidless pots filter into distribution. We understand as our large pots of yoghurt aren’t eaten in one go; we advise our customers to save up their current plastic lids to use on your Cocos Organic pots later.

You can also keep your yoghurt fresher for longer by covering the pot with a plate or using a reusable wrap to seal the pot, you can even decant the yoghurt into a reusable jar or Tupperware container.