Five delicious ways to enjoy Cocos Organic - Cocos Organic

Five delicious ways to enjoy Cocos Organic

24 Sep 2021

Cocos Organic contains 98% pure organic coconut milk…that’s more than anyone else in the UK…and this is something we’re proud of! No artificial flavours, colours, thickeners or sweeteners. This is what makes our natural coconut yoghurt alternative so incredibly delicious and versatile. If you’re wondering how you can use it at home, we have some suggestions from Cocos HQ on how to enjoy it!

  • Use in curries instead of coconut milk – just add spices, tofu and vegetables for a creamy and fragrant mid-week meal that will be a winner with the whole family
  • Whiz with roasted beetroot, mint, lemon and sea salt and create a simple and delicious dip that tastes delicious with crudites, crackers or flat bread
  • Add to smoothies…think pina colada but for breakfast. Just blend with fresh pineapple, coconut water and a scoop of vegan protein for a tropical smoothie that is full of gut-loving goodness and plant protein
  • Use as a double cream replacement for vegan bakes (Victoria Sponge cake with a layer of natural Cocos Organic and fruit only strawberry jam is a hit with everyone here at Cocos Organic HQ!)
  • Mix it with turmeric, spirulina or chlorella to create a skin nourishing and all-natural face mask that will leave your skin glowing

Tag us in your wonderful Cocos Organic creations on Instagram @cocosorganic_ …we love to see what you make with our products!