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Cocos Organic Bifidobacterium

14 Jun 2022

We sat down to discuss all things bifidobacterium and gut health with Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Eleanor Hoath…here’s what she had to say 💚

Our range of creamy kefir drinks and new light coconut yoghurt alternative are made using traditional techniques and are fermented with live vegan cultures to create a gut-friendly, vegan alternative to traditional dairy products!

What is Bifidobacterium and why is it important?

A great way to think about the gut microbiome is to think of it like an ecosystem or garden. A space that needs nurturing and plenty of good quality soil in order for it to look and work beautifully.

Once we have set the foundations (the soil) of a healthy gut, we can start to feed it and nourish it (water it) to help it flourish and be the best it can be. Pre and Probiotics are the sunlight and the water to our garden as they feed our gut bacteria, having a significant effect on balancing your microflora. A key component to establishing a good quality microflora is to have an abundance of microbiome diversity – which has been consistently associated with lower risk of metabolic diseases. The foods that we eat play a huge part in the development and maintenance of the microbiome Prebiotic foods such as Onions, leeks, asparagus, carrots, peppers and sweet potato are rich in prebiotic soluble fibre that set the foundations, whilst fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and tempeh, are all fantastic sources of fermented foods – as well as products that are enriched with live cultures – such as yoghurts, probiotic drinks and spreads.

There are a wide variety of probiotics that live within the intestines, with ongoing research indicating there are well over 50 beneficial bacteria’s in one individual. One of these positive bacteria’s is called Bifidobacterium. Often referred to as one of the many ‘good bacteria’, it is identifiable as a Y-Shaped bacteria found in your intestines. It aids to improve our overall digestive health through its ability to digest fibre and further complex carbohydrates that the body may not be able to digest on it’s own – thus contributing the alleviation of further health concerns and symptoms.

  • Bowel movements – Due to the restorative nature of Bifidobacterium, research has shown how this probiotic strain can be beneficial in relieving both constipation AND Diarrhoea, establishing regular and health bowel movements.
  • Inflammation and irritation – When combined with lactobacillus (another ‘good bacteria’, Bifidobacterium has calming and restoring benefits in those who suffering with inflammatory conditions and infections of the digestive system or inflammatory joint conditions.
  • Skin Condition – Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium are the most commonly use probiotics used to mediate Atopic Dermatitis and Contact Dermatitis due to their powerful ability to reduce IgE activity (IgE is an allergenic antibody often elevated in atopic skin conditions such as Eczema) whilst also reducing skin sensitivity.

Bifidobacterium as been shown to naturally enhance skin structure ceramides as an important cofactor in the natural body production of B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Ceramide production is known to decrease with age, and is often identified through fine lines, skin texture complaints and blemishes. The mode of action helps to keep skin hydrated by sealing and locking in moisture within the skin barrier – thus keeping the skin hydrated and appearing smooth and plump.

Combining Bifidobacterium with Lactobacillus and other essential minerals of the skin including Vitamin D, K2 and Zinc can easily be obtained through a good quality coconut milk. When in its complete natural form, Coconut Milk is a powerful nutritional ingredient that provides an abundance of nutrients.

About Eleanor Hoath

Registered nutritional therapist (DipCNM) mANP, Eleanor Hoath, has specific interest in skin conditions, gut health and optimising well being. Eleanor also supports clients with weight management, migraines, poor sleep, stress, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and diabetes. Well Nourished Nutrition helps improve the life of clients across the globe. Click below to learn how Eleanor and Well Nourished Nutrition can help you feel your best.